Women In Construction

This week, Tates Rents has been celebrating our Women in Construction! For WIC week, we placed some focus on the great contributions that are made by the women in our company. We see these fantastic ladies as true trend-setters. The industry that we find ourselves in does not have a lot of significant representation of women, however, these exceptional employees don’t see any problem with attacking this field of work with tenacity and dedication. 

While we continue to stress the importance of inclusion within our industry, we have some amazing examples of exceptional contributions made by women in our industry. From the top of our organization down, we are positively impacted daily by the hard work put in by women in our company for example, our CEO, Haley Hennessey, continues to successfully lead our company and drive us towards our desired growth.

We greatly appreciate the massive contributions made by the women in our company and we admire the fearless attitude that it takes for them to break into a predominantly male industry, and give us their very best. We are so grateful for these employees! 

Come work for Tates, and help break through some more barriers of industry with us!