Aaron Gerth – Employee of the Month, February ’23

As we push through the early months of the new year, we can’t help but continue to recognize our hard-working team members for their dedication and meticulous attention to detail. This month, Aaron Gerth took the cake as our February Employee of the Month. As one of our star players, we have been able to count on him for any and all daily operations time and time again.

When asked about his growth throughout his career, he replied, “Simply knowing how to run all the equipment has helped me out considerably. When I first started, the only thing I knew how to use was a forklift.” Aaron started with Tates as a driver and now works in the office. He was able to quickly learn about all the equipment we offer while also demonstrating all of the principles that Tates values. When speaking with Aaron, it becomes quickly apparent that he’s a team player. “After being self-employed for many years, I came back to Tates. It’s nice to be among coworkers and develop relationships with them. These relationships help make the operation continue to run smooth.”

We wanted his opinion on the benefits offered through employment at Tates, such as our local business affiliations, insurance, and employee ownership program. “That is one of the things I went back to work for, to pick up some health benefits. It’s mainly what I’m here for, but the ESOP is wonderful to have for the employees that plan on staying a while, and creating a workforce that has roots in the industry, especially for the younger employees.”

Finally, we asked about his work environment, and how he liked his place here. “I enjoy coming into work every day. Spring and summer can be a bit stressful, but everyone seems to mesh pretty well once you get to know the system and build confidence in yourself and others.” Aaron exemplifies what it means to be an employee owner at Tates Rents, and we are so grateful for his hard work and dedication to our company! Thank you Aaron!