Randy Allen - Employee Owner of the Month

March, 2024

Celebrating Randy Allen: March Employee Owner of the Month at Tates Rents

We are thrilled to recognize Randy Allen from our Idaho Street location as Tates Rents’ March Employee Owner of the Month. Though Randy has been with us for only a year, his dedication, teamwork, and positive attitude have already made a significant impact. Let’s take a moment to celebrate Randy’s contributions and learn more about his journey with Tates Rents.

A New Career Path:

Randy joined Tates Rents about a year ago, but he quickly discovered that this wasn’t just a job—it was the start of a fulfilling career. He attributes much of his enthusiasm and commitment to the exceptional management at the Idaho Street location. “Ben and Harley are awesome to work for,” Randy shares. “They know what they are doing, they are highly involved in the operations, and make things run very smoothly. Awesome guys.”

Team Spirit at Idaho Street:

Working at the Idaho Street store has been a fantastic experience for Randy. He appreciates the collaborative spirit and mutual support among his colleagues. “Things are great there. Everyone does their job and helps when needed in all areas,” he says. “Great team to be on. I would say the best out of all the stores, but then again, I’m a little biased.”

The Power of ESOP:

Randy believes that Tates Rents’ employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is a significant motivator for the team. “Being an Employee-Owned company motivates the employees to earn. It’s an incentive that’s based on teamwork and leadership,” he explains. “Being an employee-owner makes it feel like more than a ‘job’. It gives us a stake in our hard work.”

Family Ties:

Randy’s endorsement of Tates Rents as a great place to work extends beyond his own experience—his two brothers also work for the company. He would recommend an ESOP company to his family, and he’s proud to have his siblings alongside him at Tates Rents.

Looking Ahead:

Randy’s vision for the future is bright. He is eager to continue growing within the company, learning new skills, and becoming more involved. His enthusiasm and dedication are clear indicators that he will achieve great things at Tates Rents.


Randy Allen’s contributions over the past 10 months have made a significant impact on the Idaho Street location and the company as a whole. His dedication to his team, his positive outlook on the ESOP program, and his commitment to continuous growth exemplify the values we hold dear at Tates Rents. Congratulations, Randy, on being named our March Employee Owner of the Month! We look forward to celebrating many more milestones with you.