Gabe Drinkard

Purchasing Manager & Systems Administrator

Celebrating Gabe Drinkard: Our New Purchasing Manager & Systems Administrator

At Tates Rents, we are thrilled to announce that Gabe Drinkard has moved into the crucial role of Purchasing Manager & Systems Administrator. We are excited to highlight his achievements and contributions to our team over the past 16 years and look forward to his growth within his new role.

Gabe joined the Tates Rents team in 2008 at our old Meridian location, initially seeing it as a summer job before college. However, it quickly evolved into a fulfilling career. After his start in Meridian, Gabe moved to our Fairview location before finding his long-term home at the Eagle branch. Over the next decade, Gabe worked his way up to become the Manager of the Eagle branch, developing essential skills and forming lifelong friendships with both colleagues and customers.

When reflecting on his time at Tates Rents, Gabe highlights two of his proudest achievements: designing and constructing the new Eagle store and assisting with the acquisition of our McCall location. Both projects presented significant challenges but ultimately led to rewarding outcomes. Gabe’s leadership and dedication were instrumental in these successes, and he remains deeply grateful to Tates Rents and the Tates family for entrusting him with these responsibilities.

More recently, Gabe played a leadership role in transitioning Tates Rents to a new cloud-based software system. Following the implementation, Gabe assumed the role of Purchasing Manager & Systems Administrator. In this new position, he has been able to strengthen relationships with vendors and bridge the gap between our stores and purchasing processes.

Gabe is excited about the future and the growth prospects at Tates Rents. His enthusiasm for continuous improvement and innovation makes him the perfect fit for his new role. As he takes on the challenges and opportunities ahead, we are confident that Gabe’s leadership will continue to drive Tates Rents toward even greater success.

Please join us in congratulating Gabe Drinkard on his new position. We look forward to seeing all the incredible things he will achieve as our Purchasing Manager & Systems Administrator.