Mike Borne – Employee of the Month, March ’23


As we march through the early months of the new year, egg prices aren’t the only thing that hit the ground running. With a new month under our feet, we wanted to shout out Mike Borne for his growth and momentum. Though Mike only started last August in 2022 he was quickly nominated for employee of the month by Brian Crawford at our Orchard Street store. Mike was nominated for his persistence on the job, Brian shared that, “this guy does not stop. Rain, snow, or sleet, it doesn’t matter”.

Our Employee of the Month Interviewer, and Meridian store employee, Rhett Wadsworth, wanted to jump right into the interview by asking a question of massive importance: Would you rather have an excavator or a skid steer at your disposal if you had to fight a T-Rex, colosseum style? Mike responded that he would definitely prefer the excavator. When Rhett questioned this answer he responded with a to-the-point answer, “the reach.” Quite honestly, we could not have said it better.

As a recent addition to the Tates’ team, we wanted a glance from Mike’s eyes. Over a few questions in a noisy shop, Mike had expressed that he has received a lot of mentorship through his team, and his experience at the orchard location has been great so far. “It’s been open and friendly, anyone I ask a question to has no problem helping out.” We love to hear stories like this and to see all of our newer employees fall right into place.

The potential for advanced growth is a common reason people work at local businesses. Mike is currently on the wash pad and contributing to our operations in any way he can, and his eagerness to contribute hasn’t gone unnoticed. It was nice to hear that Mike is looking forward to his development here at Tates. Mike said he feels like he has the chance to advance when the time comes and until then, he is loving it all and doing a fantastic job.

One thing Mike has that carries its weight in gold is his positive attitude. A good attitude can be contagious in the best way. This is extremely important to Tates because a good mentality is a priceless asset that contributes boatloads to the crew’s morale and productivity. Community is important to us and we’re so excited to see Mike fitting right into ours.