Must-Have Tools And Repair Kits Any Home Should Have

Is it possible to have one too many repair tools around the house? Probably. Is it possible to notice you have a missing tool just when you need it the most? Most definitely! Did it ever happened to you? Of course it did, otherwise you wouldn’t be on our site, looking for a tool to rent or buy! Without further ado, here is a brief list of some of the essentials any handyman or simple housewife should always hold on to.

Screwdrivers With Switchable Heads

These make for an excellent choice and you shouldn’t have any problem switching between heads and using the right one for the right job around the house. And with such a wide diversity of screws lying around, you will most definitely need flatheaded and Phillips screwdrivers to say the least; focus on the right bits and blades featuring flat shanks rather than the round ones which you can easily twist with the help of a wrench. Not owning a wrench just yet? Rowse ou site and find a cheap one to buy on the spot! Keep in mind to opt for quality screwdrivers and avoid using them for anything other than screw-related jobs.

Buy An All-Around Hammer

The best hammers weigh between 16 to 20 ounces and they are flat-tanged hammer with smooth faces. Pick a hammer made from steel or fiberglass if you want a tool that can successfully handle serious nail pulling.

Lock Picking Tool Sets

Because of the versatility of the locks on your doors and the possibility to need such a lock picking tool for your car or house door at the same time, you will need quite a few tools around this is why it is best to get an entire set – recommended to be manufactured from carbon spring steel and a ripple finish. Pick a set with at least 8 picks and get a sturdy snap over case for them to keep them in excellent shape on the long run. If you feel your lock problem is way out of your league, you can always get in touch with an authorized local locksmith like the fellows at serving the needs of residents in the Greater Chicago Area on a nonstop basis. They have some of the smallest rates in the region and a versatile selection of residential, car, and office services provided by fully insured, bonded, and friendly technicians.

Pick The Best Curved-Jaw Locking Pliers

Another handy tool around the house is a vise-grip locking pliers, and the best kind are the 10- inch pair with curved jaws. You want a set that doesn’t slip in the middle of the bolt or nuts removing job, so make sure select the best one possible.