Why Rent Our Household Equipment?

A squeaky floor or hinge on a door are at times the most annoying things you have ever heard – and we are talking about the those extra stressful days when anything and everything can bring you to your boiling point. Not to mention they are disturbing for the rest of the people inside the house, and they can easily ruin your house guests’ afternoon naps or wake up the baby. Not to mention how annoying it is to confront with a jammed car door lock or a loose lock around the house.

If you are quite the handyman or you are planning on becoming one soon enough and save some serious money on your periodic repair bills, why not start with us? We have an impressively wide collection of parts, tools, and equipment pieces we can either rent or sell to you. We invite you to take a close look at the household items until you come across the ones that you might find most suitable. Then get in touch with us and we will have them delivered to you so you can start mending and fixing everything that is broken around the house.  

How To Take Care Of Squeaky Hinges On Your Doors

Assess all of the doors around the house. Listen carefully for any squeaky sounds and keep in mind even the small ones will eventually turn into annoying sounds later on, so nip the problem in the bud. Use a special WD-40 spray and spray it onto the hinges while moving the door back and forth a few times. You can also use simple cooking oil and some ear sticks and lubricate the hinges similarly. At times, you might need to lift the hinge pins halfway and lubricate them with special 3-in-1 oil. While inspecting the doors, make sure the locks and knobs are working properly. Look for signs of jammed or loose locks and have them fixed with special locksmith tools you can find on our site. Sometimes, a screwdriver is all that it takes to put a loose door know back in its place. In some cases, you might need to give up the thought of fixing the broken locks by yourself and simply get in touch with an authorized locksmith. The guys at http://www.247locksmithservice.com have nationwide coverage in all states and they offer round the clock residential, automotive, and commercial services at affordable rates. Their mobile crews could reach your home within 20 minutes of placing an emergency call, which normally included lockouts or broken locks that need immediate fixing or replacement. They also handle lock installation, key duplicate, and they offer free estimates, so they make for a good alternative to look into when feeling overwhelmed.  

For squeaky floors you can sprinkle talcum powder over the problematic areas and sweep it into the cracks, and use one of our wrecking bars to get rid of old wallpaper.