Playground Safety Tips For Children

While the benefits of playgrounds are great for children’s development, the reverse of the medal is represented by accidents resulting in more or less severe injuries. In order to reduce these risks, you will need to act responsibly and constantly supervise your small one, while making sure he is solely using toys and equipment suited for his age and needs. Creative exploring is one of the favorite activities for children on the playground, but sometimes their desire to explore pushes them in front of a car or into the arms of a child offender. Here are a few ideas on how to enhance the protection of your small one while he is on the playground.

How To Prevent Playground Injuries

According to official statistics, 70 percent of all injuries on playgrounds are caused by falls. Fortunately, most of these falls result in minor injuries in the form of scratches and bruises. There are also cases when a fall can cause a serious fracture, as well as spinal and head injuries. All kids want to climb, but the higher they climb, the bigger the risk of getting injured. As a supervising parent, your job is to assess the ground beneath their landing spot to see if it is suitable for a fall. Mulch and sand and other similarly loose materials are preferred in exchange for harder materials and this is why we invite you to take a look at our rubber mulch products and make the necessary changes to your child’s playground.

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Afterwards, you can simply resume your attentive child playground surveillance, making sure you keep your child well hydrated and protected against UV sunrays.