Dustin Krause – Employee of the Month, May ’23

With spring quickly coming to an end, we wanted to give some well-deserved recognition to a fairly new addition to the rockstar crew at our Idaho Street location. Dustin Krause started in July of 2022 after managing restaurants for over a decade. Dustin said he was looking for a change of pace from the super fast environment he was so used to working in. He now takes equipment deliveries for Tates and has been loving it so far. During our interview, we talked about how the people around you can be the best part of a workday, along with many other factors that contribute to workplace happiness. 

Dustin stated the benefits offered made Tates a fantastic option, with both a 401k and our 100% ESOP benefits feeding into retirement, as well as the four-day work week being a highlight for him. Dustin stated, “It is so much better than working what felt like 24 hours a day, 7 days of week like I have been doing for the past 13 years.” 

I asked what Dustin’s favorite part of the job was, to which he replied, “The windshield.” Being able to drive has allowed him to do something he already enjoys while benefiting the store with his ambition to work hard. Dustin’s experience in management provides him with a great perspective for efficiency and attention to detail which we love to see at Tates. Those traits help him execute his role in a way that benefits everybody. I asked Dustin where he wanted to see himself grow in the company. Eventually, he has his goals set in management, and for now he’s focusing on learning about the ins and outs of the industry. Thus far, he’s been contributing in any way he can, helping the store run as smoothly as possible. The drive Dustin has undoubtedly advanced his knowledge of the store and industry itself; way to go, Dustin! 

One of the things that makes Tates so great is the people. One way I like to tell if someone loves their job is their thoughts on recommending it to others. After all, if you love your job, others could too! I asked Dustin if he would recommend Tates as a company to work for, and his reply was, “Oh, absolutely. The benefits are awesome, and I think people would be happy with the four-day work week. Having three days off typically with two days in a row for a weekend is great.”

I wanted to wrap up the interview with a question that held some gravity because at the end of the day, the ability to ask the hard questions makes a great team even greater. After working up to the question, I finally asked him; what is your favorite color? The question got a response from the bottom of his heart, “As a professionally-trained big guy, pink is my favorite. Big guys look great in pink.” I realized I still had questions that needed answers after the interview was concluded, and I hope to get them soon so I might sleep better at night. What kind of pink? Hot pink or are we talking more of a salmon color? Would he ever wear pink pants or is pink a color that belongs on shirts? We need some more answers. 

It is always a pleasure to interview fellow coworkers, and Dustin definitely wasn’t an exception. He’s always in a stand-up mood when he drops off or picks up equipment at other Tates locations in the valley. It’s always a delight to see him drive into the lot, and I wish him the best throughout his career at Tates. We could always benefit by having more people with a fantastic attitude toward work and people like Dustin.