Blog – Haley Recognition Dec ’22

Tates Rents Recognizes CEO Haley Hennessey

Throughout the year, Tates Rents likes to take time to show appreciation for outstanding work and dedication to our company. To cap off 2022, the team got together and decided they wanted to recognize the hard work of our CEO, Haley Hennessey. Haley has led Tates with consistent passion and fearless innovation that has exponentially advanced our company and maintained our position as an industry leader. Tates is extremely fortunate to have Haley as a leader to guide our team toward continued success. 

Being employee-owned means that Tates doesn’t shy away from recognition of our CEO, something that may be seen as taboo in other industries. Our team of employee owners recognizes and appreciates hard work when we see it at all levels. This ownership mentality has allowed the company to remain true to the team-oriented qualities that keep us aligned with our history of amazing service and trusted quality. 

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, Haley!