Best Places to Work 2019

Best Places to Work in Idaho

Best Places to Work 2019

Tates Rents is proud to be honored as one of Idaho’s best places to work! Family owned and operated, our employees are a part of the Tates Rents family. Our work environment is a blast, our benefits are top notch and above all else, we care.

Tates Rents employees are more than a number, they are the lifeblood of our company.

Our legendary customer service wouldn’t be possible without our rock star rental consultants hustling to greet our customers at their vehicles. Rain or shine, you can bet they have a smile on their face.

Our nimble deliveries are due to the many safe and curious delivery drivers up bright and early to get equipment on the job site before the work day begins.

The logistics of juggling nine locations is possible because of a team of store managers with extensive industry experience. Not only are they sharp operators, they are compassionate team builders.

When thousands of rental items are going out the door, it takes a small army of highly skilled mechanics to keep the wheels on. Our mechanics may be behind the scenes, but they are certainly our backbone.

If you want to see an impressive stack of incoming mail, swing by our corporate office. If you want to see an impressive accounting and admin team head that same direction, talk about next level attention to detail and organization.

Want to do business with a friend? Give our sales team a call. They have the unique ability to make you feel like you’ve known them for years over a conversation about a backhoe.

Our inventory is tailored to each of our nine neighborhood locations. It’s no coincidence when our customers ask if we have an item that we can say “Yes!”. That’s the hard work of our spectacular fleet management team showing.

It’s amazing what the right mix of 70 plus years of history, solid company values, and the right people in the right seats can accomplish. We’re proud of our team and know they are the reason Tates Rents is one of Idaho’s best places to work.