10 Reasons to Rent

Have a garage full of tools gathering dust? Did you look up the price of a tool you need and cringe? Consider renting from Tates Rents. We have everything you need, only when you need it.

10 Reasons to Renttiller

  1. Tates Rents has 10 convenient Treasure Valley locations filled with useful tools, no need to use your own storage space.
  2. We take care of rental items, maintaining clean and safe equipment so you don’t have to. Forget the hassle.
  3. You will get the exact tool you need rather than “making do” with something else. A screwdriver will never be a chisel and a shovel will never be a power auger.
  4. Tates Rents has professional tools that will get your project done quicker and easier. Jackhammers, concrete grinders, pressure washers and more!
  5. You won’t have to worry about storing tools or risk them becoming obsolete as new tools come out. Rent the best.
  6. Tates Rents professionals can provide instructions and advice instead of reading that dry instruction manual. Our stores have a wealth of knowledge to share with you!
  7. You will be able to rent higher commercial-grade equipment than you would normally buy for yourself.
  8. Most DIY or home improvement projects are only done once. Why go to the expense buying a tool you’ll only use one time?
  9. Your neighbors can’t borrow or lose your tools.
  10. Unless you use tools often for a long time, renting is always more cost effective. Save yourself a headache and a few bucks and team up with Tates.

Tates has been proudly serving Treasure Valley do-it-yourselfers for 70 years. We have the largest equipment fleet in Idaho ready to help you conquer your next project. From a full remodel to aerating the lawn, Tates has the tools you need to make your project faster and easier.


Check out Tates Rents’ list of rental items or talk to one of our rental professionals to get everything you need for your next project.






(List adapted from the ARA)