Jayme Berheim - Employee of the Month

November, 2023

Jayme Berheim: A Pillar of Success in McCall – November’s Employee of the Month

In the mountain town of McCall, we proudly shine a spotlight on Jayme Berheim, our November Employee of the Month. Jayme’s journey at Tates Rents is a unique blend of unwavering dedication, a rich history of service, and a deep connection to the McCall community. Join us as we delve into Jayme’s story, exploring not only his personal journey but also the impactful words of his manager, Gabe Drinkard.

Jayme’s Tates Rents journey began as part-time with McCall Rental for 3 to 4 years, seamlessly transitioning to full-time with Tates when they acquired the store in May 2022. Deeply rooted in McCall, Jayme’s dedication to the community is palpable, making him an essential part of our Tates Rents family.

In the words of Gabe Drinkard, Jayme Berheim is a standout member of the McCall Tates Rents team. Gabe commends Jayme’s go-getter attitude, non-stop work ethic, and intense knowledge of McCall and its surroundings. These qualities, according to Gabe, are key contributors to McCall’s success. Jayme’s experience with local contractors has not only facilitated complicated deliveries but has also played a vital role in expanding and strengthening our relationships with them. Gabe’s commendation underscores Jayme’s deserving nature as the recipient of the Employee of the Month award.

Before joining Tates Rents, Jayme spent 17 years with Lumbermens (Probuild) before transitioning to a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic role with Donnelly Fire in 2010. His commitment to service and community adds a unique perspective to the McCall Tates Rents team.

For Jayme, the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) holds a special place. Knowing that the equipment he delivers is partially owned by him adds a sense of pride and ownership to his work. It’s this shared success that makes the ESOP program at Tates Rents truly great.

Jayme wholeheartedly recommends Tates Rents to his family, emphasizing the positive work environment and the unique benefits of the ESOP model. His endorsement reflects the satisfaction and pride he takes in being part of the Tates Rents family.

In the next 5 to 10 years, Jayme envisions himself continuing to drive success for Tates Rents. Having overcome personal challenges, including a stroke five years ago, Jayme looks forward to utilizing his CDL A medical license to drive a Semi, adding another dimension to his role within the company.

Jayme Berheim’s story is a testament to the diverse and dedicated individuals that make up the Tates Rents family. As we celebrate him as our November Employee of the Month, we extend our congratulations and gratitude for his contributions to the McCall Tates Rents team. Here’s to many more years of success, growth, and community service with Jayme on board!