Hunter Fiscus - Employee of the Month

September, 2023

Hunter Fiscus: A Journey of Dedication and Growth at Tates Rents
As the autumn leaves signal change, Tates Rents proudly spotlights Hunter Fiscus, who was named our September Employee-Owner of the Month. With 5 ½ years of dedication, Hunter’s journey at Tates Rents is a testament to the rewarding nature of our employee-owned company. Join us as we explore Hunter’s insights, his commitment to Tates Rents, and his vision for the future.

Hunter’s Half-Decade of Dedication
Clocking in over 5 years with Tates Rents, Hunter Fiscus is not just an employee; he’s a cornerstone of our community. His journey is woven with the threads of commitment, resilience, and a shared sense of ownership that defines our employee-owned ethos.

Motivated by Benefits and ESOP
What keeps Hunter rooted at Tates Rents? Two powerful motivators – awesome benefits and the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The combination of these elements creates a workplace environment where dedication is not just recognized but also rewarded.

ESOP: Fostering Dynamic Work Relationships
Hunter emphasizes the impact of ESOP in shaping a dynamic work relationship. With everyone aligned toward a common goal, the sense of shared ownership propels the team forward. This collective commitment creates an environment where collaboration and cooperation thrive, laying the foundation for the company’s success.

The Meaning of Being an Employee Owner
For Hunter, being an employee owner transcends a job; it’s about belonging to something significant. The knowledge that each time he clocks in, he contributes to the success of Tates Rents is a source of pride. It’s a realization that he’s not just an employee but an essential part of a company that genuinely cares about its team.

Recommendation for Prospective Employee Owners
Hunter’s enthusiasm for the ESOP extends beyond his personal experience. He wholeheartedly recommends the employee-owned experience to friends and family. To him, the benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks, creating an environment where everyone’s success is intertwined.

Looking Ahead: A Future as a Fully Vested Employee Owner
In the next 5 to 10 years, Hunter envisions himself as a fully vested employee owner for Tates Rents. His commitment to long-term growth and alignment with the company’s journey reflects the kind of dedication that sets the tone for continued success.

As we celebrate Hunter Fiscus as our September Employee of the Month, we acknowledge not just an individual accomplishment but a shared commitment to excellence and growth. Hunter’s story is a beacon, illuminating the values that define Tates Rents – a company that cares, fosters collaboration, and empowers its employees to be true owners. We look forward to witnessing Hunter’s continued success and the ongoing prosperity of Tates Rents.