Chase Welch - Employee of the Month

October, 2023

A Decade of Dedication and Growth at Tates Rents
At Tates Rents, we take immense pride in our team, and this month, we are thrilled to highlight Chase Welch as our Employee of the Month. With a remarkable 9-year journey at Tates Rents, Chase embodies the spirit of dedication, collaboration, and the unique advantages of being part of an employee-owned company.

Chase’s Journey: A Decade of Dynamic Challenges
Celebrating 9 years with Tates Rents, Chase Welch has found his professional home in an environment that thrives on diversity and challenge. What keeps him here? It’s the people he works with and the ever-changing, dynamic nature of his day-to-day responsibilities. Chase’s journey is a testament to the enduring bonds forged within our Tates Rents family.

Team Dynamics at Meridian: A Symphony of Communication
Chase emphasizes that communication is the lifeblood of their team at Meridian. In the fast-paced world of equipment rental, ensuring everyone is on the same page is paramount. It’s this commitment to effective communication that allows the Meridian team to navigate challenges seamlessly and deliver top-notch service to our valued customers.

ESOP: Fostering Unity and Growth
As an employee-owned company, Chase recognizes the role of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in bringing the team together. It provides a shared goal, a tangible reward that grows with each collective effort. This shared ownership model propels the team forward, fostering unity and a sense of pride in their work.
The Essence of Being an Employee-Owner

For Chase, being an employee-owner goes beyond a job title. It’s a commitment to excellence, a pledge to take pride in his work, and an understanding that the quality of his efforts directly influences his future. The sense of accountability and pride in ownership is at the core of his professional ethos.
Recommendation for Prospective Employee Owners

Chase is not just an employee; he’s an advocate for the ESOP experience. He strongly recommends the employee-owned journey to anyone he knows, recognizing the tangible benefits and unique rewards that come with being part of a company where everyone has a stake in its success.
Looking Ahead: Chase’s Vision for the Future

In the next 5-10 years, Chase envisions himself continuing to contribute to Tates Rents’ success and growth. His commitment to the company’s journey reflects the kind of dedication that propels us forward, ensuring a bright future for both Chase and the entire Tates Rents family.

Chase Welch’s decade-long journey at Tates Rents is a celebration of dedication, teamwork, and the unique advantages of our employee-owned model. As we honor him as the Employee of the Month, we extend our gratitude to Chase and all our team members for their unwavering commitment to excellence. Here’s to many more years of success and growth at Tates Rents!