Ben Krause

10 Years Of Legendary Service With Tates Rents

A Decade of Dedication: Celebrating Ben Krause’s 10-Year Anniversary at Tates Rents

As we reflect on a decade of growth and achievement, we’re honored to celebrate Ben Krause’s remarkable journey at Tates Rents. From humble beginnings to his current role, Ben’s dedication, passion, and commitment to preserving our company’s culture have left an indelible mark on our Tates Rents family. Join us as we commemorate Ben’s 10-year anniversary and the invaluable contributions he’s made along the way.

Ben’s journey with Tates Rents began in the summer of 2013, answering a Craigslist ad via a temp agency. What started as a job soon blossomed into a promising career as Ben embraced every opportunity for professional advancement. With each passing year, he climbed the professional ladder, immersing himself in all aspects of the business and mastering skills across multiple shop-level positions.

During a period of rapid company growth, Ben seized every opportunity to grow professionally, eagerly throwing his name in the hat for new positions and responsibilities. His unwavering commitment to the company’s expansion and success reflects his dedication to providing future generations with the same opportunities he received.

Ben’s favorite part of the job lies in the rich history and culture of Tates Rents’ humble beginnings. Drawn to nostalgic conversations with company veterans, Ben became determined to preserve the memories and stories that shaped our organization. His efforts to honor our heritage exemplify his deep appreciation for the company’s roots and the values it stands for.

Ben expresses heartfelt appreciation for the support and guidance he’s received from colleagues and mentors throughout his journey. From navigating roadblocks to overcoming hurdles, Ben acknowledges the invaluable role of his Tates Rents family in his growth and success. He extends special gratitude to his own family for their unwavering support and sacrifices.

As Ben celebrates his 10-year milestone, he looks forward to continuing to grow with his team, fostering strong relationships, and deepening Tates Rents’ commitment to customers and community alike. His dedication to collective growth and success embodies the spirit of our Tates Rents family, inspiring us all to reach new heights.

As we honor Ben Krause’s 10-year anniversary with Tates Rents, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude for his unwavering dedication, passion, and contributions to our company. Ben’s journey serves as a testament to the values of perseverance, commitment, and community that define our Tates Rents family. Here’s to Ben and many more years of shared success and achievement!