Spring Lawn Prep!

Are you hoping to prepare your lawn for a full season of healthy, vibrant grass? Let Tates Rents help you give your lawn the treatment and care that it needs to host events and remain healthy and bright this Summer!

This Spring, utilize our short term rental periods and weekend hours (Saturday’s 7am-6pm) to get the best use out of your rental! Use this blog to find all of our lawn tools and equipment to help you get the job done, as well as tips on how to effectively execute a Spring lawn prep. Also give your nearest Tates location a call and ask one of our experienced employee owners about our special weekend rates, giving you the perfect amount of time to finish your weekend warrior projects.

Start off your lawn project by power raking your lawn! This process will pull the dead thatch from the base of your lawn to the surface. Once finished power raking, you will need to hand rake or mow to remove the debris that was pulled to the surface with the power rake. A small amount of thatch will be left at the base level of your lawn to absorb water and prevent evaporation.

Tates Power Raking Tips

  • Make note of any sprinkler heads and foreign objects before you begin. 
  • Adjust the depth of the flails under the machine so that they make contact with, and remove thatch. The flails should not make contact with the soil
  • Rake up, or mow extracted thatch immediately.
  • Allow at least 30 days of growing season following power raking.
  • Power rake your lawn twice. On the second time over, go in an opposite direction of your first pass for the best results.
Spring Lawn Aeration. Preparing lawn for Summer

The next phase we recommend in the process of maintaining your dream lawn is going to be aeration! Aerating your lawn will bring extensive benefits to the vibrance and strength of your grass. By opening up the surface, you will increase your lawns’ water absorption, oxygen to the roots, and nutrient intake!


Tates Aerating Tips

  • Prevent loss of quality of your lawn by aerating annually.
  • Water your lawn the night before you aerate to loosen the soil Be sure to use caution and avoid overwatering.
  • Mark any sprinkler heads before you begin.
  • Pay attention to high traffic areas as they may require additional aeration